The policeman arrested for the murder of the chef Peppe Lucifora Modica

MODICA (Ragusa) – his associates, the police of Modica, the associated for a considerable length of time that the 10 with November of a year ago that huge man in uniform he had killed the gay cook found with the trachea crushed in a loft of this capital of the sicilian extravagant. Be that as it may, the affirmation has originated from the finding of sections of Dna assessment done by the military, the carabinieri of the Ris. What’s more, they are taken in binds to David, Coral, 31 years of age, a mammoth tall and solid, the biceps to fear pompous with pride on the page Facebook. Presently, when addressed by the judges of the intensity of lawyer coordinated by Fabio D’anna to explain the genuine forms of the thought process. A police officer blamed for having choked with his hands Peppe Lucifora, the culinary specialist was fought by the affluent groups of this rich corner of the region of Ragusa, a cook at the emergency clinic of Modica, adored by all, including the area minister of the city, Giovanni Stracquadanio, with whom he worked from “crony adherent and the conveyor of the representation of St. George at the festa of the supporter.

The confidences of Peppe

Prepared to gather reserves likewise for the festivals of Santa Lucia, Peppe, similar to the entirety of the companions called the person in question, was not a secret, and a touch of playing about his homosexuality by going to the most well-off in the region. Getting and making confidences with the clients that brought at night to mastermind in the home refined dinners. Cherished, particularly by the ruler that toward the finish of the night were totally tidied up flawlessly. Spadellando the toppings, preparing the table or clearing toward the finish of the remaining parts, Peppe disclosed to me the entirety of himself. Is this, maybe, when it was murdered, the primary idea went to the official to whom isn’t disguised in the participation.

track energetic

Not the situation in mid-February reviews imbroccarono the street of enthusiasm, presently affirmed by the investigator, his delegate Francesco Riccio, and by the gip Eleonora Schininà. Be that as it may, in February, the police officer had the option to manufacture a vindication trustworthy. Vowing to be avoided home Lucifora the evening of the homicide. A repulsiveness overwhelmed by a savagery incredible, as per coroner Joseph Iuvara: “Never observed a trachea so squashed, squashed by the arms and the hands so solid. The individuals who slaughtered him has a quality of a lion. Must be a hefty…”. A detail that has been the switch to the examinations directed by the carabinieri, colonel Giuseppe Marseglia, regardless of whether the primary questioning of the setting of the gay was the lawyer Of Anna: “On Facebook Coral you put in a show with certain ladies, yet everything drives us to think about a sensational cut off picked up inside relational associations”.

Key and telephone gone Politcs

The killer had vanished, the mobile phone of Joe Lucifora, never to be found again. What’s more, he had secured the chamber which was discovered the carcass, both family room and room. With keys that are rarely found. Here, a first theory on the still fixed message to the mafia. Be that as it may, the assessments in the Ris appear to remove any uncertainty about the nearness of Coral in the location of the wrongdoing, picked up, maybe, to eradicate the proof of those “individual connections.”

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