Rely on over 20 years of experience in the production of cuttings and seedlings

As pioneers in plant breeding, the
clones for sale               Bushplanet paved the manner for the commercial manufacturing of cannabis plant life in Austria. We released the u . S .’s first clones sale in 1998, inside the Esterházygasse in Vienna. Over time, our initial business premises have grown into the biggest hemp agency in Austria, the develop store of your believe. Nowadays we provide hemp plant life at three distinctive places, supplying our customers with the pleasant satisfactory and exceptional genetics.

Enjoy our provider and let us do the paintings of fostering your child-flora
Do you address the maximum delicate phase of hashish cultivation your self and develop your plant life without delay from the seeds? Or do you even propagate cuttings your self? If so, then you definately are probably no longer a novice.

But no longer best beginners, also professionals can advantage from our diverse range of hashish flowers! If you keep yourself the tedious cultivation of seeds or cuttings, you’ll robotically store quite a few time and device. So in preference to annoying approximately a newborn hashish plant all through the first complicated weeks of its existence, depart the work to us! This way you can effortlessly combine the younger flora into your grow surroundings and begin along with your very own plant cultivation without delay. Depending to your non-public preference, we provide either clones or seedlings to beautify your very own 4 walls with healthful, inexperienced young plants.

Cannabis plant life from in-house breeding

Clone or seedling: What is the difference?
Cuttings / Clones

Cuttings are reduce off from mother vegetation. This method that numerous side shoots are clipped from a big, developing hemp plant and are then rooted in small plugs.
As they’re one hundred% girl, hermaphrodites can be excluded with those plant life. Therefore no seeds may be produced.
Clones of the same mom plant grow homogeneous, because they have got the exact same DNA and therefore the exact same characteristics.
In cuttings the leaves grow in a staggered rhythm.

Seedlings are grown from seeds. This manner that a cannabis seed is brought to germination in a cultivation dice and takes root there until it grows into a small plant.
In these vegetation the growth sample can vary even within the identical range, as special phenotypes occur.
Seedlings from regular seeds can be either girl or male, feminised seeds yield girl hashish plants.
The leaves of seedlings continually develop in pairs.
Our places for hemp flora at a glance:
The Bushplanet Clones Shop may be determined wherein our story started out over two decades in the past: within the basement of Esterházygasse 34 in Vienna’s 6th district. Here you’ll discover the greatest clones of mother flowers, selected by our experienced growers themselves.
Our place CityGrow at Mariahilferstraße a hundred and fifteen is the pinnacle grow store of Vienna’s inner metropolis, where you may get the entirety you need. In addition to a complete selection of develop equipment, the most notable seedlings are available here, authentic to the motto: satisfactory over amount.
The PlantCity is positioned in Vösendorf next to Bushplanet GrowCity and Distribution. This is in which connoisseurs will locate a unique collection of handpicked cannabis seedlings from cautiously decided on sorts.
Fragile Handle with Care

Online dispatch of hemp flowers
Our young hashish plants can most effective be bought in our branches, we do not ship plants by way of mail.

Why? Because we adore our flora.

The generally as a substitute tough transport by way of mail would purpose a whole lot of stress for the younger plant life and weaken them. In the worst case the hemp vegetation might be handled improperly, broken or beaten on transport. Since the wishes of our customers are our pinnacle precedence and the pleasant carrier is just top enough for you, we do not use on-line transport.

On the one hand, we need to give you the possibility to inspect the flora on web site before you purchase. This gives you the liberty to select your protégés according to your very own preferences and, in case of doubt, to be counseled by our skilled staff. On the other hand, you may then take your flora domestic with the essential care.

Bushplanet Clones Banner

Vienna: Clones. Cuttings made with the aid of specialists.
What are you looking ahead to? Allow yourself to be enticed via the maximum modern genetics from our very own choice and get closer to your dream of the correct hemp flowers.

Sizes & costs of the cuttings
At this vicinity our customers will locate handiest the greatest cannabis cuttings, also called clones.

The plant life are to be had in 3 exceptional sizes and fee categories. Mini cuttings are available in wedges for € 7.50, medium-sized young flowers are available in cubes for € 10. Since the cultivation plugs and cubes are organic and therefore decompose steadily, they may be well matched with all cultivation structures and substrates. From soil to coconut or hydroponics, the selection is all yours.

In addition, the Clones store gives hemp plant life that have already grown big in a 2-litre pot for € 25,-. All small or massive cannabis clones that you can purchase right here have already established an excellent root machine and may be planted without delay into your garden/grow tent.

Varieties & Genetics
The genetics which can be to be had in the store vary constantly, but there are generally among five and ten distinctive strains available. If you are flexible, you could select from vegetation in more than one sizes and sorts which are prepared to be taken domestic without delay.

However, you may choose to select strains from the to be had mother-genetics and pre-order the wide variety of flowers that suits you quality. We recommend that you visit the Clones save in character to talk over with our in a position team and to planned your private desires.

Mother flora & selection
All our clones are propagated without delay on website and grow and thrive below perfect conditions. With love and craftsmanship, our growers pick the mom flora from which our cuttings are later clipped. The seeds from which our mom flowers are raised are not feminised however regular. The ensuing girls are more strong and sturdy than their feminized counterparts. After all, best really healthy, robust and resistant cannabis plant life meet the requirements to turn out to be mom plants.

Selected Growshop assortment
Besides hemp cuttings, the clones shop also offers a restrained assortment of distinct develop device. Fertilizer and nutrients are to be had solely in certified natural quality, a lot of them additionally produced domestically. The different develop gear you can buy at this location is especially designed for strength efficiency and sustainability. From extraordinary LED lighting fixtures and clever irrigation solutions, you may find everything you need for clever plant cultivation.

Bushplanet CityGrow Banner

Vienna: CityGrow. Seedlings and develop device.
Seedlings, simply the manner you need them. In the Growshop in the heart of the town you’ve got the free preference between infinite cannabis varieties. From modern-day classics to precise rarities, the CityGrow has the whole thing that makes growers glad!

Which cannabis traces are to be had at CityGrow?
In our develop keep department in Vienna’s city centre you could pick your favored strain from all the cannabis seeds available at CityGrow. Upon request, these are then planted for you and grown below ideal situations for 3 weeks. After these 3 weeks the young flowers are ready as a way to pick them up. The developing medium we use are Eazy Blocks, which can be compatible with all growing substrates, even hydroponic structures. This way that you can later plant the vegetation in any favored substrate and combine them into any cultivation system.

For individuals who would like to do with out a 3-week ready duration, the CityGrow additionally has a spread of vegetation in stock, ready which will take them home with you at once. Since the provision of the hemp lines varies here, it is a great concept to in reality drop via and have a glance.

Cultivation of the hashish seedlings
The LED lights beneath which we grow the hemp seedlings at CityGrow are from the Sanlight Q6W series and provide exceptional lighting fixtures for the delicate seedlings within the first weeks of existence.

The propagation of our cannabis flora always takes place at the suitable temperature and humidity for seedlings, and the younger plant life are positioned on flood tables to guarantee ideal irrigation. This ensures that when you choose them up, the seedlings have taken root vigorously and are equipped if you want to vicinity them within the developing medium.

Exclusive provider at truthful fees
Our “planting service” expenses you handiest € four,-. You pay the regular price for the seed you choose plus a € 4,- surcharge, in order that we will plant the seed, let it germinate and lift it for three weeks until the plant is prepared as a way to take domestic. The offer is legitimate starting at € 10,-.

If you’ve got any questions about the prices or our provider, please do now not hesitate to contact our dedicated team – we stay up for seeing you in our CityGrow department!

One save for the whole thing!
We wouldn’t be the first-class develop save in Vienna if we didn’t provide a complete variety of develop device for you. Fortunately, the CityGrow has the entirety you want for your property grow. From grow tents, soils and substrates to fertilizers in all variations, professional lighting, irrigation and ventilation, our assortment at CityGrow gives the biggest selection of grow tools within the area. No rely the way you need to grow your flowers, you’ll discover exactly the proper gadget in your purposes.

Bushplanet PlantCity Banner

Vösendorf/Brunn am Gebirge: PlantCity. Hemp seedlings in excellent great.
The biggest choice of seedlings that Vienna and its surroundings should offer! Discover a extensive and numerous range of hashish strains developing for you at PlantCity.

A licence to grow cannabis
The massive warehouse, which hosts our largest plant nursery, is located inside the business location in Brunn am Gebirge/Vösendorf. Countless hashish seedlings grow right here and are cared for by our skilled growers with the maximum interest and care. For our customers there are greater than 20 one of a kind types waiting at PlantCity. Since we location precise emphasis at the maximum present day, genuine genetics, the collection is variable and continually tailored to the modern-day demand.

Cannabis genetics: We fulfil your every desire.
You can make it smooth for your self and come and go to our save in character. There is a large quantity and various selection of full of life, young seedlings in stock, that you may just select, buy and take with you.

And if there are not the proper plants for you in inventory, do not worry! Our largest develop store isn’t a long way away. Just halls down the road, you could pick from hundreds of various styles of seeds inside the GrowCity to discover the strains that completely match your taste! For a small greater price, we are able to be happy to transform any hashish seeds you’ve got offered in the GrowCity into lovely vegetation inside the PlantCity.

We assure the seedlings a nice environment in our nursery until they have got evolved robust roots and are prepared for planting. After 14 to 17 days you could in the long run pick out up your very very own non-public cannabis plant life.

Prices à l. A. Carte
The costs of our seedlings at PlantCity are made up of different components such as the range, amount and length of the flowers. The cheaper choice are seedlings in small wedges, large plant life are bought in cubes.

To get more unique facts approximately our fee situations, we kindly ask you to return to the store in individual. There you may coordinate your desires and ideas with our skilled crew, that is satisfied to just accept individual inquiries as well. We connect brilliant significance to the pleasure of our customers and consequently always attempt to locate tailor-made solutions for you.

How do the seedlings grow within the PlantCity?
Our seedlings develop and thrive in sophisticated structures. The preferably geared up cultivation rooms are bodily separated from their surroundings so that the seedlings grow underneath the quality included situations. CMH lamps and Sanlight LEDs deliver them the electricity they want to develop a robust root device and become sturdy and resilient. All flowers in PlantCity are placed on develop tables which are regularly watered. This sort of irrigation guarantees perfect humidity in the root surroundings, that’s extraordinarily essential for flora in the start-up phase.

Don’t purchase clones from strangers

The Bushplanet – simply buy from friends!
Thanks to the experience we’ve got received as a organisation over the last 20+ years, we will now provide you with the best cannabis plants the market has to offer. As we are looking back on our time within the hashish enterprise with satisfaction and gratitude, we want to assure you: We have the best genetics, the largest choice and the nice carrier in terms of hashish plants in Austria, now and inside the future.

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