How Does a Clone Machine Work?

if you are into gardening, whether it be indoors or outdoors, cloning is a very interesting process that allows you to literally clone a specific plant to create another plant with the same characteristics. By taking a small clipping and using a clone machine, you can transform the plant clipping into a completely new, independent plant.

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your success with cloning. In order to properly clone any plant you need to make sure all environmental factors are monitored and controlled in a way that allows the new clone to take root and grow into its own plant.

The process starts by taking a clipping off of the plant that you want to clone. The clipping should be 3-6 inches long. Any excess leaves should be removed. From here the clipping is inserted into the cloning machine, many times after dipping into a cloning solution. Most clone machines work by using an aeroponic system of growing. Aeroponics is the method of growing by allowing the plant to remain suspended in air, with the water being sprayed onto the plant. By cloning this way, the clipping is able to get a very high amount of oxygen, which is imperative to successful cloning.

Many times this water is sprayed up to the plant by using small sprinkler heads and a water pump. Some clone machines look like a bucket with neoprene inserts around the top lid where the clones are inserted. Other clone machines look more like boxes. Whatever your application, you will want to make sure that you use a cloner with enough cloning positions to allow you to choose the strongest clones to grow into full sized plants.

Some growers like to use a small amount of nutrients in the water solution that is sprayed on the plants, while others prefer to use just water. If you have a lot of problems with bacteria and other unwanted growth in your reservoir, you may want to consider using just water to reduce the risk of clogging your pump or sprinkler head.

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